JAMA Annual Award Nomination Criteria

Below is the criteria that must be met by nominees in order for them to be eligible to receive recognition as a JAMA Manufacturer, Student, Educator or Apprentice of the Year. To submit a nomination, click the button below.

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  • Must own or principally operate a JAMA Member manufacturing business in south-central Michigan for more than five years
  • Must have had measurable positive impact on operations over at least a three-year period
  • Must exemplify how business challenges have been overcome
  • Must be a model of success in manufacturing
  • Must be a contributor to the success of the local community (school involvement, volunteerism, etc.)


  • Must currently have or have graduated with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in a Jackson, Lenawee or Hillsdale County school
  • Must have attended manufacturing and/or engineering programs offered via the Jackson Area Career Center, the Lenawee Tech Center, Capital Area Career Center or Hillsdale Workforce & Tech Development Center
  • Must have maintained a noteworthy attendance record from 9th to 12th grade
  • Must exemplify good citizenship skills, such as volunteerism, community involvement, etc.
  • Must obtain a letter of recommendation from an instructor or a JAMA manufacturer
  • Must have participated in an internship or have employment with a JAMA manufacturer


  • Must be an educator or administrator in Jackson, Lenawee or Hillsdale County, an instructor with the Academy for Manufacturing Careers or a teacher involved in one of the many after-school and summer youth programs offered in the region
  • Must have concentrated efforts to the teaching or promotion of engineering, manufacturing and industrial technology
  • Must have promoted career opportunities in manufacturing
  • Must demonstrate special projects, curriculum, student success rates, etc. that would warrant this award


  • Must have this year completed an Academy for Manufacturing Careers apprenticeship with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Must have maintained a noteworthy attendance record during his/her apprenticeship
  • Must have gone “above and beyond” in some fashion during his/her apprenticeship
  • Must be recommended by the apprentice’s sponsoring manufacturer and Academy staff

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