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What do members say about JAMA?

“The business community and the education community are co-dependent on each other. We have an obligation to work together to create a strong and vital place to live and work. JAMA and the Academy for Manufacturing Careers are great partners with the ISD.”

-Kevin Oxley, Superintendent at Jackson County Intermediate School District

“The Academy was exactly what I needed to start my college education. It was by far less intimidating than the traditional colleges and much more focused on the student’s specialized needs.”

-Joe Lienhart, former JACC Precision Machining instructor

“I think this program was awesome as it has given me additional opportunities with my employer! There were a lot of good teachers and a ton of opportunities to hone people’s skills. The AMC staff was very helpful and kind throughout the apprenticeship program.”

-Chad Webb, Orchid Chelsea

“The apprenticeship program has provided me with the tools I need to build an exceptional career. And the lessons I’ve learned along the way will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I am so proud of the person I’ve become, and I’ll always be grateful for everything JAMA and my community have helped me accomplish!”

-Osias Clippard, 2022 Apprentice of the year


Ben Simmons, Highland Plastics

“I think the training went extremely well overall, and I am very grateful to Cory and all of you at JAMA who flexed your system to deliver on site training.  Feedback from the trainees is that Cory is an excellent teacher.  We all understand that you cannot learn everything you will ever need to know in a five week period, but what we have done is achieve a huge step forward in plant safety.” Ben Simmons-CEO, Highland Plastics



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