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                        August Member Spotlight- Advance Turning & Manufacturing

Fifty years ago, John Macchia Sr. saw a supply and demand issue in manufacturing. In 1968 he was working at Daniels Machine while attending Jackson Community College to obtain his journeyman card. In his early 20’s he graduated, purchased a machine, and began working in his basement.   John Sr. had the help of a few loyal employees and mentors.  After a couple years, he was able to quit his full-time job and concentrate solely on running his business, Precision Form Company.  In 1978, Macchia Sr. built a building on Precision Street to accommodate his growing company. A larger building was built in 1996 on Morrill Road which became Advance Turning and Manufacturing.  Shortly after John Macchia Jr. became President and John Macchia Sr moved into semi-retirement and the roll of CEO.

John Macchia Sr. sees his biggest accomplishment as the stability Advance Turning and Manufacturing provides for their employees.   The Company is committed to reinvesting in the business while maintaining a strong family environment for their employees.  Macchia Sr. created this culture on what he believed would be successful and is proud to say the same culture which started at Precision Form is still going strong today.

So, what does it take to run a successful business for 50 years?  John Macchia Sr. and John Macchia Jr. both agree, the people.  They believe if you take care of your people, you will be successful. Advance Turning has been blessed with great employees, great customers, and a great community.  Many of the employees who started in the late 1970s still work for them today.

Advance Turning’s goal over the next decade is to maintain stability while diversifying and growing their customer base.  Currently, they are working with the country’s largest space exploration company.  Macchia Jr. is confident if they diversify into new industries, such as space exploration, it will help grow and stabilize the business.   They will also continue to support the community, promote skilled trades, and invest in their people.

Thank you to everyone who has grown Advance Turning into the successful business it is today!


Why Should You Join JAMA?

“The business community and the education community are co-dependent on each other. We have an obligation to work together to create a strong and vital place to live and work. JAMA and the Academy for Manufacturing Careers are great partners with the ISD.”

-Kevin Oxley, Superintendent at Jackson County Intermediate School District

“The Academy was exactly what I needed to start my college education. It was by far less intimidating than the traditional colleges and much more focused on the student’s specialized needs.”

-Joe Lienhart, former JACC Precision Machining instructor

“I think this program was awesome as it has given me additional opportunities with my employer! There were a lot of good teachers and a ton of opportunities to hone people’s skills. The AMC staff was very helpful and kind throughout the apprenticeship program.”

-Chad Webb, Orchid Chelsea

“The apprenticeship program has provided me with the tools I need to build an exceptional career. And the lessons I’ve learned along the way will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I am so proud of the person I’ve become, and I’ll always be grateful for everything JAMA and my community have helped me accomplish!”

-Osias Clippard, 2022 Apprentice of the year




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