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September Member Spotlight


Bearex is known as a manufacturer’s secret weapon.
As your data insights team, Bearex focuses on your data strategy; every company is sitting on a goldmine of data but it’s often used in isolation and rarely proactive. By determining what data sources are valuable, gaining access to them, and then blending and cleansing the data they are able to create stunning dashboards focused on action to provide a day to day impact.

Typically this begins by automating your morning production meetings. Production meetings are the intersection of all operations in the company – the problem is… everyone has their own biases, everyone brings their own reports and data, rarely does it provide a complete picture and it never is proactive enough to make real improvements. We connect all the critical data together and let the dashboard drive the important things to discuss and solve. Building one source of truth. 

From there we are able to have a grip on most operations in order to build out your data strategy. We take a look at what information and current processes are a current bottleneck that can be fixed with highlighting exceptions and trends, whether it is displaying information on tv’s around the plant, a supervisor view into availability, better meetings and accountability,  and/or executive view on all crucial information. In utilizing the current $25,000 MEDC grant Bearex is able to help manufacturers become data driven at all levels of the organization and truly step into industry 4.0

Not to mention, they are the creators of your Manufacturing Comparative™ located HERE.

A couple interesting facts about Bearex:

  1. Every solution is custom to the clients needs, based on our proven process
  2. 3 owners are located around Michigan, but chose Jackson to be home because of potential & location to clients
  3. 40+ years combined of data visualization & data science experience 
  4. Run on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and one of the owners is a Professional EOS Implementer
  5. Have an active R&D Lab which is currently working on automated machine connectivity for manufacturers & The Operators Hub™
  6. Practical manufacturing experience, not just a bunch of tech guys




Why Should You Join JAMA?

“The business community and the education community are co-dependent on each other. We have an obligation to work together to create a strong and vital place to live and work. JAMA and the Academy for Manufacturing Careers are great partners with the ISD.”

-Kevin Oxley, Superintendent at Jackson County Intermediate School District

“The Academy was exactly what I needed to start my college education. It was by far less intimidating than the traditional colleges and much more focused on the student’s specialized needs.”

-Joe Lienhart, former JACC Precision Machining instructor

“I think this program was awesome as it has given me additional opportunities with my employer! There were a lot of good teachers and a ton of opportunities to hone people’s skills. The AMC staff was very helpful and kind throughout the apprenticeship program.”

-Chad Webb, Orchid Chelsea

“The apprenticeship program has provided me with the tools I need to build an exceptional career. And the lessons I’ve learned along the way will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I am so proud of the person I’ve become, and I’ll always be grateful for everything JAMA and my community have helped me accomplish!”

-Osias Clippard, 2022 Apprentice of the year




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