AMC Assessment

The Academy for Manufacturing Careers (AMC) offers assessments for companies to determine employee
skills for pre-employment. Assessments are also great tools for companies interested in increasing
the skill level of their current workforce. Improving employee skills and providing them with the
training and knowledge necessary to be cross-trained within an organization is becoming increasingly
important.AMC staff works with each company to put together an assessment package that meets the company’s
needs and enables each company to place the right persons into the right jobs and/or trainings. In
addition to conducting assessments at our offices, we can also provide on-site proctoring and
interpretation of results, allowing companies to measure knowledge and skill within their place of

Here are examples of some of the assessments we regularly provide:


Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test:

An assessment designed to measure the ability to perceive and understand the relationship of
physical forces and mechanical elements in practical situations. A test booklet and answer
sheet is used for this 68 question, 30 minute assessment.

Wide Range Achievement Test 3:

Measures the basic academic skills of reading, spelling and math computation. This 36
question assessment lasts up to 25 minutes using a test booklet and answer sheet.

Blackfox Caliper Test:

An assessment to determine an individual’s knowledge and ability to read a set of calipers.
This 15-20 question assessment is done using a computer and usually lasts no more than 30

VCAT-Valpar Career Ability Test:

An assessment that includes an interest survey which determines the relative strengths of an
individual’s career interests and aptitudes. This test measures such things as an
individual’s ability in reasoning, mathematics and language, spatial perception, color
discrimination, and more. This assessment is computer-based and typically can be completed
within 60 minutes (though the more questions one answers correctly, the longer it takes due
to additional questions being asked).




Valpar’s Tool Manipulation:

There are several standard exercises in this assessment, and exercises may be modified to
suit specific uses. The exercises require finger and manual dexterity, eye-hand
coordination, bi-manual coordination, size discrimination ability, and make a number of
other physical demands. The assessment also provides information on secondary
characteristics such as ability to follow instructions, concentration skills, and so
forth. This assessment is hands-on and self-timed.








Industrial Blueprint Reading Assessment:

This assessment measures an individual’s understanding and knowledge of mechanical
blueprints through recognition and identification of symbols common to industrial
blueprints. This 10 question paper and pencil assessment takes approximately 30









Metal Working Assessment:

Evaluates the skills of workers with limited manufacturing experience who are seeking
employment and/or training in the metalworking industry. This test evaluates the
core competencies required of workers such as: punch press and other machine
operators, assemblers, material handlers, and lower level inspectors. This test
contains 56 questions and takes approximately 45 minutes.





Many other assessment tools are available and can be provided as needs arise. If you have special assessment needs or would like more information, please contact AMC Staff at 517-782-8268.